Updating Redirect Links

I have been working hard on changes all of the links on every one of the Mac Poker Websites so that they point to the right place. After years of links changing over and over, I’ve decided that it would be best to just have all of the sites link to this site, and then be redirected. So far, High Stakes Report has been finished, Mac Poker Online is nearly done, and the others are waiting to be finished.

One thing that I did notice while I was doing this was that some links just plain didn’t work. I do realize that companies such as Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and Ultimate Bet have warned of changing links, but I do not ever recall receiving a message from PlayShare that their links would be changing. When I checked the PlayShare links, they just plain didn’t work AT ALL.

If you are part of an affiliate program, please make sure that you contact affiliates to let them know that links will be changing. Also, keep the old links working for as long as possible. I would give at least 3 months notice before removing the old servers, but I think that 6 months would be better. Lazy people like myself don’t check out links every month, or even every 3 months.

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